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The Fragrance Of Earth

Many swear by Allahabad’s allure. It is what keeps them coming to the city again and again!! Come, experience this charm extended to Solitaire Valley as well. Coupled with Allahabad’s appeal and a Solitaire’s promise of quality, service and expertise, our township can easily be a smart city within a city. Luxurious living and first-of-its-kind structured residences in Allahabad will make your home in Solitaire Valley push your lifestyle up a many notches. What’s more, all Solitaire Valley homes are Vastu compliant thus translating into a perfect home that is a symbol of the balance of nature.Earth Advantages:

  • First of its kind structured residences in Allahabad
  • Vastu-compliant homes
  • Safe and mature long-term investment
  • Excellent ground plans

Thoughts Like Water

Enjoy carefree, bountiful living at Solitaire Valley…

Water…Water…everywhere! Being in Allahabad, water inspired us to plan a carefree and seamless lifestyle at Solitaire Valley. The holy confluence signifies the coming together of varied thought processes.

Water is truly the essence of life and at Solitaire Valley we want you to live a life that is rich in thought and high in action. Add to this numerous water bodies across the township along with rain water harvesting, several sewage treatment plants and a superb zero water balance management system.

Water as a resource is soon getting limited…we realize this and have hence opted for environmentally friendly practices that optimize the use of water-the elixir of life.

Water Advantages:
  • Numerous water bodies across the township
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Several sewage treatment plants
  • Zero water balance management system


Experience cutting-edge architecture and interior concepts at Solitaire Valley…

Picture this… Allahabad Fort… All Saints Cathedral…Allahabad University..Solitaire Valley! Of course the common link is excellent architecture…while we hope not to promise architectural marvels like these historical landmarks, we can surely promise stable infrastructure and world-class architectural abilities at work in our township.Major highpoints of our architecture

  • All structures are earthquake resistant as per seismic zone IV with more than 54% open spaces
  • Plenty of ventilation throughout the township as well as in individual units
  • Security is guaranteed with boundry-wall fencing and CCTV managed entry/exit points along with mobile security units and intercom facilities.

Solitaire Valley’s infrastructure also plans for peaceful, tranquil atmosphere- we plan to plant over 7500 trees in the township- that lets you hear the humming of the bees, the rustling of the leaves and the swishing of the waters… Enjoy your very important ‘me’ time with our world-class, state-of-the-art amenities…go ahead take your pick..Air Advantages:

  • Stable infrastructure.. all structures are earthquake resistant
  • 54% open spaces…7500 trees plants World-class amenities
  • Boundary-wall fencing and CCTV camera, mobile security units and intercom facilities

Fire up your soul

Energise your lifestyle with our condominiums!

For the not-so-courageous, Allahabad’s eateries, fine dining places, restaurants and road-side delights can transform the hard-shelled too into complete food-lovers. Our living spaces will do just that to you! Aren’t you feeling the enlightenment already?

Add to this- the fire of our ambient lighting across the township, 24 hours power backups and extensive use of solar technology to raise your home into a centre of budding energy.

Also extend your energies to our dedicated recreational spaces…go ahead indulge in a game of football, cricket or just go running. Our architecture will ensure that your energies keep flowing…Fire Advantages:

  • Ambient lighting
  • 24 hrs power backup
  • Extensive use of solar technology
  • Dedicated recreational spaces

Reach for the Sky

Experience open, boundless living at Solitaire Valley…

And why not…? One look at our world-class environment friendly landscaping and your hard day at work is quickly forgotten. Allahabad’s banyan trees galore inspired us to plan our township while always keeping the aesthetics intact. Solitaire Valley is designed with a perfect balance of the primary tatvas hus discouraging concrete abundance through extra construction. ..

At Solitaire Valley, it is as close to nature as you can get.Sky Advantages:

  • Environmentally-friendly landscaping
  • Minimal concrete construction
  • Open, aesthetically planned living
  • Closest to nature
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