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Solitaire Valley is a project of THE INNOVATORS DIGITAL ADS. PVT. LTD.

About: Mayank Jaiswal founded the “INNOVATORS DIGITAL ADS PVT. LTD.” in Prayagraj out of an inherent desire to excel and bring modernization to his birthplace. Starting off as an advertising agency, Innovator’s group soon diversified into food and beverages. After successful forays in both businesses, Innovators moved focus to Delhi and established its presence in the real estate space. The group did many successful projects with several prestigious groups including land aggregation and soon became a top-class real estate developer.

Another huge milestone for the group is the launch of its first modern township project in Prayagraj, in an effort to come back to its roots and bring both modernization and employment to the city.

Mayank Jaiswal: It is often said that always aim for excellence, success will automatically follow! A living embodiment of this statement is our founder — Mayank Jaiswal, whose years of tireless hard work and hunger to excel has today created one of the biggest diversified services group in Prayagraj. Mayank started his entrepreneurial journey with setting up of an advertising agency; quickly diversifying into other spaces like food & beverages and very recently into real estate. Mayank’s “THE INNOVATORS ADS DIGITAL ADS. PVT. LTD.” grew rapidly on the back of his effective leadership and vision.

Not to stay limited to Prayagraj, Mayank’s undying entrepreneurial spirit and appetite for more added a new chapter to Mayank’s incredible journey with his foray into real estate. His capability and intellect landed him with Sahara group projects including successful land aggregation of over 700 acres. Mayank’s belief in himself and ambitious plans swiftly grew to make him a top-notch real estate developer- especially with the launch of his first smart township project in Prayagraj.

The core to Mayank’s success lies in his dream of always giving back to the society and making a difference. Always one to recognize and respect his roots, Mayank wanted to bring a new wave of modernization to Prayagraj which would also bring up the employment figures in the city. This marked the background to the launch of Solitaire Valley- the first-of-its-kind modern township in Prayagraj.

Shivani Jaiswal: Co- Founder: Always driven by social causes, Shivani is a philanthropist and an active social worker. She currently runs an NGO “Sathi” that caters to the treatment and social establishment of leapers. Her team works on providing food, shelter and medical care to the old orphans.

She also has keen interest in the upliftment of underprivileged children & has been working extensively for their education. “Sathi” currently supports the education of many underprivileged children in Prayagraj. With Shivani on board, “Sathi” is all set to become an active CSR partner for Solitaire Valley.

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