Things you must know when choosing a builder

There is nothing as exciting as a plan to buy a new home. You can buy your first house, or buy one for investment purposes. Whatever your reason, it is important to choose the right builder. Real estate is a fast growing industry and there are many players in the market, each offering attractive options to buyers. 

Here are some pointers you need to bear in mind when choosing a builder:

1. Research: Start your search to find the right builder by researching builders in your city. You can start by listing the A-grade builders (the most popular ones) before moving on to other builders. You will find this information in your local newspapers and on the Internet. Your builder should be reputable and financially stable.

2. Certification: It is also important to know if your builder is properly certified. Certifications such as ISO will give credibility to the builder and ultimately to your investment. Of course, your builder should also have all other certificates related to the construction work; For example, NOC

3. Legal issues: Your builder must have the necessary liability insurance to cover any accidents or injuries that occur during the construction of the property. The project should be free from any legal mess. Nationalized banks only provide loans for legally correct projects.

4. Visit the builder’s office: Make sure you visit your builder’s office once or twice to check the premises, location and validate their phone number. You can also get the contact information of customers who have already purchased the property from them.

5. Talk to existing customers: Contact existing customers who have already purchased the property from this builder. This practice will make you aware of any issues facing customers.

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