Why You Should Consider Living In an Integrated Township

If you want to buy a family home, you should consider integrated townships. These are the answers to urban planning and transportation problems. There are various benefits of living in townships. Let’s take a look at all these benefits you can enjoy in an integrated township.

1. Excellent Infrastructure Facilities

These townships have well-planned roads connecting roads as well as people outside the community.

The integrated township houses grocery stores, general stores and supermarkets. Therefore, there is no need to go out to do your weekly or monthly grocery shopping.

These townspeople use rainwater harvesting and waste recycling to provide their residents with a continuous supply of fresh water on a local municipal basis.

An integrated township has sufficient power for all its residents in cases of power cuts.

These townships are environmentally friendly with extensive waste management and recycling systems.

There are regular maintenance works of common areas of the township such as parks, roads, electricity and plumbing etc.

2. Good Social Infrastructure Ideal for Families

The biggest selling point of these gated communities is that they are built to cater to families. Therefore, there are always good educational infrastructure facilities for daycares, kindergartens and schools up to 10th grade within the township.

There are good health facilities to attend in any emergency that may arise suddenly. Basic first aid can be provided within the community itself.

Apart from these, there are good recreational facilities like gym, swimming pool and tennis or badminton court etc. You will also have a well-equipped community center for community meetings and functions.

3. Peaceful Environment

The integrated townships are located some distance from the city. You will not be disturbed by traffic noise or vehicular pollution. These townships are designed to include more greenery, so the air quality is better and less polluted than the rest of the city.

4. Stay Close to your Workplace

Some integrated townships have begun to attract companies by offering reduced rent office space and well-equipped office infrastructure. The townships are integrated in most major office centers. Therefore, you can always select one close to your office and cut down on your upcoming time and expenses.

5. Entertainment Centers

The integrated township has multiplexes, shopping centers, and other places such as entertainment centers, when you want to relax with your family or friends and blow off some steam. If you want to go out for dinner then there are good places to eat.

6. High Resale Value

Integrated townships are rapidly climbing the real estate ladder. If you want, you will be able to sell your property in such a township for a price much higher than the value of your investment when you buy it.

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