Fire up your soul

Fire up your soul

Energise your lifestyle with our condominiums!

For the not-so-courageous, Allahabad’s eateries, fine dining places, restaurants and road-side delights can transform the hard-shelled too into complete food-lovers. Our living spaces will do just that to you!
Aren’t you feeling the enlightenment already?

Add to this- the fire of our ambient lighting across the township, 24 hours power backups and extensive use of solar technology to raise your home into a centre of budding energy.

Also extend your energies to our dedicated recreational spaces…go ahead indulge in a game of football, cricket or just go running. Our architecture will ensure that your energies keep flowing…Fire Advantages:

  • Ambient lighting
  • 24 hrs power backup
  • Extensive use of solar technology
  • Dedicated recreational spaces

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