The Fragrance of Earth

The Fragrance Of Earth

Many swear by Allahabad’s allure. It is what keeps them coming to the city again and again!! Come, experience this charm extended to Solitaire Valley as well. Coupled with Allahabad’s appeal and a Solitaire’s promise of quality, service and expertise, our township can easily be a smart city within a city. Luxurious living and first-of-its-kind structured residences in Allahabad will make your home in Solitaire Valley push your lifestyle up a many notches. What’s more, all Solitaire Valley homes are Vastu compliant thus translating into a perfect home that is a symbol of the balance of nature.Earth Advantages:

  • First of its kind structured residences in Allahabad
  • Vastu-compliant homes
  • Safe and mature long-term investment
  • Excellent ground plans

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