Thoughts like Water

Thoughts Like Water

Enjoy carefree, bountiful living at Solitaire Valley…

Water…Water…everywhere! Being in Allahabad, water inspired us to plan a carefree and seamless lifestyle at Solitaire Valley. The holy confluence signifies the coming together of varied thought processes.

Water is truly the essence of life and at Solitaire Valley we want you to live a life that is rich in thought and high in action. Add to this numerous water bodies across the township along with rain water harvesting, several sewage treatment plants and a superb zero water balance management system.

Water as a resource is soon getting limited…we realize this and have hence opted for environmentally friendly practices that optimize the use of water-the elixir of life.

Water Advantages:

  • Numerous water bodies across the township
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Several sewage treatment plants
  • Zero water balance management system

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