How the Upcoming Prayagraj Metro Will Impact Connectivity and Real Estate

Prayagraj Metro

Plans are underway to build a metro network in Prayagraj, formerly known as Allahabad, which promises to significantly enhance connectivity in this tier-2 city in Uttar Pradesh. The Prayagraj Metrolite, targeted to be operational by 2025 when the city will host the Maha Kumbh, is set to be a game-changer for both residents and real estate investors.

Enhanced Connectivity

In March this year, the public sector urban transport consultation company, Urban Mass Transit Company (UMTC), submitted a survey report to the Rail India Technical and Economic Service (RITES). The survey proposed Metrolite on two routes in the city – a 20-km route between Puramufti to Naini and a 17-km route from Phaphamau to Jhunsi. Together, these two routes are expected to have 20 metro stations, with operations on one of the two stretches expected to start before the Maha Kumbh.

Prayagraj, known as the “Tirtha Raj” due to its religious significance and being the meeting place of three holy rivers, will benefit immensely from this metro project. The metro will offer a high-speed mode of clean and safe transportation at affordable rates, making daily commutes faster and more convenient. This development is particularly crucial for a city that relies primarily on private vehicles, promising to reduce traffic congestion and pollution significantly.

Boost to Real Estate

 For the real estate sector, the arrival of the Prayagraj Metro is set to be a major catalyst for growth. Data available with Solitaire Valley shows that property values in the city have appreciated considerably in the past year, with an average rate of property standing at Rs 7,013 per sq. ft. The introduction of the metro project is expected to give a major boost to property rates, especially in areas along the upcoming metro routes, including Dhoomanganj, Naini, Subedarganj, Civil Lines, Jhunsi, Dandi, North Malaka, and George Town.

The metro network will propel growth in both commercial and residential segments. With improved connectivity, areas near metro stations are likely to see a surge in property demand, leading to increased property values. This boost will also attract more developers to invest in these areas, leading to a proliferation of new housing and commercial projects.

Government Support

 On September 25, 2023, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath issued a significant directive to expedite the construction and associated processes of the Prayagraj Metro. This urgency is in light of the impending Maha Kumbh Mela, a momentous event of religious and cultural significance. The metro system will serve as a vital transportation lifeline, efficiently connecting various parts of the city and facilitating smooth movement for pilgrims and tourists.

The Prayagraj Metro Project, also recognized as the Allahabad Metro, has secured the blessings and approval of the Uttar Pradesh State Government. A comprehensive project report (DPR) prepared by RITES has been submitted to the Prayagraj Development Authority. The final iteration of this DPR is anticipated to be completed and officially submitted by January 2024.

Economic and Social Impact

Beyond its immediate transportation benefits, the Prayagraj Metro Project is expected to stimulate economic growth and foster real estate development. Improved connectivity will open up opportunities for commercial expansion, thereby creating jobs and boosting the local economy. Additionally, the metro will enhance the overall quality of life for residents by reducing travel time and providing a reliable mode of transportation.

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The Prayagraj Metro is poised to revolutionize connectivity and real estate in the city. As a pivotal infrastructure project, it promises to enhance the daily commute for residents, boost property values, and stimulate economic growth. With government support and a clear vision, the Prayagraj Metro is set to transform the city into a more connected, vibrant, and economically robust urban center.

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